She Cured Cancer With Carrot Juice

Ann Cameron found the confession of Ralf Cole, who beat skin cancer by drinking carrot juice every day in her search for cure.

The American author of numerous books for children, Ann Cameron had an operation for cancer on her large intestine on 6 June 2012. During the operation, the tumor was in its third stadium, and after the operation the author felt better, so she refused chemotherapy.

But, it seemed that it was some kind of an placebo effect. Not long after the operation, the tumor metastated to her lungs and reached the fourth stadium, which was discovered on 6 November 2012 by computer tomography.

The doctors’ prognosis weren’t positive at all. They assumed that she would live three years more, explaining that the radiation will be at no service at all and suggested her chemotherapy, but the hopes were very small. Her husband died of lung cancer in 2005, but she refused to give up, so she started looking for alternative treatments.

In her research she found the confession of Ralf Cole who cured skin cancer taking carrot juice every day, made up of 2,5 kg of carrots.

After this, she started drinking this juice regularly since 17 November, organizing it evenly during the day. She didn’t go to chemotherapy or radiation, and she continued to eat junk food now and then, like ice cream. Two weeks after taking the juice she went to the doctor, and the results from the tomography showed no change.

But, 8 weeks after that, on 7 January 2013, the computer tomography showed that the tumor stopped to spread and the swellings on the lymph glands became smaller. After 3 months of the therapy, in March 2013 the tumor was still getting smaller and the glands regained their normal condition. After eight months it has been diagnosed that the cancer disappeared.

The secret in the carrot juice is in the greasy alcohol and the natural pesticides that are contained in the carrot, and it is proven that they have antitumor properties.

Drinking this juice raises the level of carotenoids in the blood, which are organic pigments thought to be preventive against the creating of tumor cells.

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Rachell S. Anderson, Senior Writer

Written by Rachell S. Anderson, Senior Writer

Rachael has been with Live Science since 2010. She has a masters degree in journalism from New York University's Science, Health and Environmental Reporting Program. She also holds a Bachelor of Science in molecular biology and a Master of Science in biology from the University of California, San Diego.

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