Woman’s Creepy Facebook Posts Are Freaking Out People With Trypophobia

A make-up artist’s latest work is so realistic that it has triggered social media users with Trypophobia, an intense or irrational fear of clusters of bumps or holes.

The condition, which isn’t recognised by the American Psychiatric Association, is believed to affect around 20 percent of the population, causing sufferers to experience panic attacks and nausea.

Bridgette Trevino, 24, posted a video of a hand covered in what appeared to be small but deep circular wounds dripping blood. The video was shared more than 60,000 times but lead to a huge backlash. Check it out above.

The amateur make-up artist was forced to put a warning on the post that the wounds were fake, after her work was reported to Facebook by concerned users who thought they were real injuries.

The 24-year-old claims she was inundated with concerned messages and Facebook even blurred out the video with the warning: “This video may show graphic violence or gore.”

However, the complaints have failed to put off the SFX artist, who claims she has been even more inspired because people think her work looks so real.

Bridgette, from Texas, US, said: “I’ve had a lot of reactions, some good and some bad.

Credit: Caters

“People have gone as far as reporting my work and have sent me messages of concern to check I hadn’t seriously hurt myself.

“I’ve even had threats to try to make me take down the video and pictures.

“I understand that trypophobia is a real thing, although only a small population actually has this.

“A lot of people have claimed to have had panic attacks because of my work.

“I sympathise but it also only encourages me more. If it’s not scary or doesn’t get that response I’m not doing my job properly.”

Credit: Caters

To create the realistic wounds, Bridgette uses a variety of wax and sculpting tools, as well as drawing inspiration from her mum and childhood memories of Halloween.

Bridgette said: “My mother is my main inspiration. She really inspired me to be creative.

“Although she isn’t a make-up or SFX artist she has always been really creative with Halloween.

“Since I was a kid I always remember her being so creative.

“Whenever it drew closer she would always make these haunted house runs through our front and back yards, for all the trick or treaters to go through.

“She would dress up every day. Every year to this day she still surprises me.”

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Rachell S. Anderson, Senior Writer

Written by Rachell S. Anderson, Senior Writer

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