Turmeric Lemonade That Treats Depression Better Than Prozac! How To Prepare This?

The low mood and many other mood related symptoms, which can be found in different types in different persons, are the main characteristics of depression.

Depression is a common mood disorder and it can appear in the mildest form and then most people can lead a healthy and normal life with the right treatment and support.

But, that kind of a mood disorder can have devastating consequences on human lives, so they should need to ask for an expert help.

The main depression symptoms are:

  • – Sadness, anxiety, or something like “empty” feelings
  • – Hopelessness
  • – Feelings of guilt
  • – Irritability, impatience
  • – Fatigue and lower energy
  • – Lower concentration and decision making difficulty
  • – Insomnia or excessive sleeping
  • – Thoughts of suicide, suicide attempts

However, turmeric has an ability to treat a great number of diseases. It prevents and treats the cancer cells formation and it also treats Alzheimer’s disease, treats skin cancer, and decreases bad cholesterol levels, etc.

Turmeric is used for stomach problems and pains, acidity, arthritis, diarrhea, liver disorders, jaundice, etc.

Turmeric has miraculous powerful effects

  • – It is rich in antioxidants
  • – It has magical anti-inflammatory properties
  • – It promotes a better brain function
  • – It can decrease the chances of heart disease
  • – It treats depression, as well.

How turmeric treats depression?

The pharmaceutical industry has created various types of medications that have a capacity to treat depression and one of the most common medications for this purpose is Prozac. Unfortunately, these medications can cause severe side effects, such as: difficulty in breathing, suicidal thoughts and stomach bleeding.

Studies have shown that its ingredient, curcumin, has strong powerful effect against major depressive disorder similarly as fluoxetine or Prozac. But it is a natural remedy and it doesn’t cause any side effects.

Turmeric Lemonade Recipe


  • – 4 cups cold filtered water or sparkling water
  • – 2 tablespoons freshly grated turmeric or turmeric powder
  • – 4 tablespoons 100% maple syrup, honey or Stevia if you don’t want to consume sugar
  • – 1 and a half lemon or lime juice
  • For a better taste you can add the juice of 1 blood orange.


All ingredients should be mixed in a small bowl, then you should stir the mixture and serve with a small piece of lemon.

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Rachell S. Anderson, Senior Writer

Written by Rachell S. Anderson, Senior Writer

Rachael has been with Live Science since 2010. She has a masters degree in journalism from New York University's Science, Health and Environmental Reporting Program. She also holds a Bachelor of Science in molecular biology and a Master of Science in biology from the University of California, San Diego.

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