10 Foods That Unclog Arteries Naturally And Protect Against Heart Attack

Most of people know that they can detoxify their bodies with different types of smoothies, juices, etc., but there are various foods from the nature that contain similar properties and healthy ingredients.

We are going to present 10 foods that are extremely beneficial for you to unclog your arteries and also to protect your heart.

1. Asparagus

Asparagus has been proven to have a strong capacity to cleanse your arteries naturally. In addition, this food is able to decrease your blood pressure and also to prevent blood clots, which are the main cause for cardiovascular diseases. It contains great amounts of minerals, fibres, and vitamins, such as: K, B1, B2, C and E.

2. Avocados

According to the carried out researches people who regularly consume avocado have improved blood cholesterol, i.e., they have decreased the bad cholesterol – LDL, and increased the good cholesterol – HDL. Furthermore, HDL cholesterol is able to cleanse the obstructions from your arteries.

3. Pomegranate

This delicious fruit is rich in phytochemicals, which has an ability to act as antioxidants, and protects the lining of the arteries against any damage. It is good to know that the juice of pomegranate can stimulate the nitric oxide production that results in proper blood flowing and keeping your arteries open.

4. Turmeric

Many people know that turmeric contains extraordinary anti-inflammatory properties. Moreover, this spice reduces inflammation, which is the main cause for arteriosclerosis, i.e., the hardening of your arteries. If you incorporate this amazing spice into your diet, it is able to lower the damages of your arterial walls, thus reducing the possibilities for a blood clot.

5. Spirulina

Are you familiar with the fact that spirulina, blue-green algae, is able to regulate the lipid levels in your blood? Additionally, these magical algae are abundant in protein, which is full of the essential amino acids that are necessary for your body in order to maintain optimum health. Spirulina has a capacity to relax your artery walls, to regulate your blood pressure and to maintain an appropriate balance of the fats in your blood, as well.

6. Broccoli

It is good to know that broccoli is a great source of Vitamin K that is able to keep calcium from damaging your arteries, no matter if you like its taste or not. This wonderful vegetable contains great amounts of fibres that can help your blood pressure to be reduced and your cholesterol levels, as well.

7. Persimmon

Persimmons contain antioxidant properties and also polyphenols that can help you lower the bad cholesterol levels or LDL and triglycerides, as well. Furthermore, they are abundant in fibres that are necessary in order to regulate your blood pressure and also to cleanse your arteries.

8. Cranberries

This delicious food is rich in antioxidants, which can help you decrease LDL and increase LDL. To explain you more deeply, if you regularly consume pure cranberry juice, it can help you decrease the general risk for any type of heart disease by 40%.

9. Cinnamon

Cinnamon has an excellent flavour, and it is also able to lower your cholesterol levels, to eliminate the plaque and to prevent any further plaque accumulation. Actually, this miraculous spice is a great source of antioxidants that can improve your cardiovascular health by protecting blood from oxidation. You should sprinkle some cinnamon in your coffee, on your toast, or on any other food you are preparing and see the amazing effects.

10. Green tea

This tea is rich in catechins, which is able to block the cholesterol accumulation during digestion. It is recommended to consume a cup or two every day in order to improve your blood-lipid levels and also to prevent arterial obstruction. In fact, green tea can improve your metabolism naturally, thus leading to weight loss and improving the cardiovascular health.

Source: supertastyrecipes

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Rachell S. Anderson, Senior Writer

Written by Rachell S. Anderson, Senior Writer

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